Frankie Edgar looking to fight The Winner of Holloway vs. Aldo


Frankie Edgar will not be able to fight against champion Max Holloway at UFC 218 after injuring himself during training, with Jose Aldo now as his replacement. But the former lightweight champion has clarified that he will fight against the winner of this fight.

“I think Holloway is going to win, but Aldo is dangerous, so you never know. As soon as I recover I want to fight against the champion. I think Holloway understands that I have not retired from the fight. I’m not surprised that Aldo is now the contender. I know I will fight the winner .

“Yeah it was just a regular sparring session [where I sustained my injury] you know, it was nothing crazy and it was kinda a freak accident. It was just really unfortunate. I’m pretty bummed about it, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It was just one of my guys you know. I don’t even know. I was training with the guys and then at the end I noticed my cheek was numb. I got it checked out and it was a broken orbital. Luckily, no, I’m not going to have surgery. It just six weeks no contact and then I’m going to be ready to go again. I want to get back in there as soon as I’m able. I just got to see what happens with Aldo and Holloway and then see what fight makes sense after that.” — Frankie Edgar said while speak to Jim Edwards of MMAnytt.

Edgar is eager to fight again to prove he still a noticeable contender in MMA whether he rather right Aldo or Holloway he is not clear on that. Nonetheless Holloway on twitter wish his maybe future rival well and speedy recovery.

Frankie Edgar: “I know I’ll fight the winner of Holloway vs. Aldo “

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