Lil Wayne Tears Into Adrien Broner, Talks Boxing After Floyd Mayweather


Lil Wayne has been a steady figure in the corner of Floyd Mayweather over recent years but with “Money”¬†sticking to his retirement guns when discussing his upcoming fight with Andre Berto, it remains unclear where the rapper could wind up, come October. Judging from an interview with ESPN, though, we know one place where he definitely won’t be; in the corner of Adrien Broner.

lil wayne

“Boxing is hurting,” he said. “I was an Adrien Broner fan before. To know that I actually thought he was going to be the next Floyd Mayweather, where’s boxing at?”



Public opinion has turned on Broner in a big way in recent months, and Lil Wayne is among that lot. He also described an encounter he had with the 30-2 boxer at a club…

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