Leaked Photos of Batista in Kickboxer Reboot, Has Dreads and a Pony Tail


Batista (Dave Bautista) is a full-blown movie star. Making the successful transition from wrestling to acting puts you in good company with guys like Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.


Batista has been showing up in a lot of huge movies lately like Guardians of the Galaxy, James Bond: Spectre, and a rumored upcoming Highlander movie. He’s typecast as the massive dude that’ll beat your ass, and for good reason.

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Add Kickboxer: Vengeance to the list, the sixth movie in the series and a reboot of the original from 1989. This movie will also star Georges St. Pierre and Gina Carano, along with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Alain Moussi in the main role.


(It’s been a crazy week for JCVD…)

Check out the exclusive leaked photos of Batista as Tong Po.

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