Video: Kickboxer Gets Attacked In The Ring After Viciously KO’d His Opponent


Murthel Groenhart vs. Harut Grigorian. Welterweight kickboxer Murthel Groenhart took “care of business” with a second-round KO of Harut Grigorian. An uppercut and then a knee to the face by Groenhart seemed to put Grigorian on autopilot, and he just stopped fighting. He turned his back and walked away, at which point Groenhart uncorked a massive right hand and that put Grigorian down and out cold.

No count was necessary and the KO was indisputably legal. Multiple people then jumped into the ring and began attacking Groenhart. See the Knockout Punch In Video Below That Started The Brawl

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Even though he won the bout it was a nasty punch while his opponent had stop fighting and backing him and walking away he punched him and knocked him out. The supporters and fan were not happy at all about this kind of low downplay and quickly rushed into the ring and started punching Groenhart.

However, the commentator said it well even in amateur and pro fighting you do not leave yourself expose you gotta defend yourself at all times and Grigorian decides to walk away while the fight clock is still running but before the referee can tell him he has to continue he is knocked out cold.

What do you think, was it a legit move or a low down dirty punch?

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