Khabib Nurmagomedov Disagree with Judges Decision and Challenges Dustin Poirier


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UFC 236 saw as it main card Dustin Poirier combat against Max Holloway. Both fighters put up a good fight with Holloway proving to the crowds that the could go the distance with Poirer. But now Khabib Nurmagomedov has set that Poirier will be his next opponent. Dustin was not an easy pushover as many experts in the game thought that Holloway would have made quick work of Poirier and finish him by the third round. Dustin Poirier coming in the bout as the underdog fought hard and dominated Max (right out the gate) from the first round.

Blessed, however, showed that he was going to be put down so easily and fought on until the fifth round of a bloody battle. It was a close fight and congrats to both fighters. However, Khabib Nurmagomedov does not agree with the Judges’ unanimous decision that Dustin Poirier won. This what the Russian had to say;

What is interested not that he does not agree with the judges but even that he calls out Dustin Poirier directly as his next opponent when he returns to UFC later this year.

“I don’t agree with the judges 49:46, I got a draw, my respect to both fighters, and Porier’s achievement so far cannot be denied, my congratulations Dustin, see you in September.” Khabib wasted no time in setting his sights on Porier for his next fight. It will be a very interesting matchup between Nurmagomedov and Porier. The Russian is set to return in September.

The decision was close call though and Holloway held out to the end but it was not going to be. Dustin got a well deserved and fought for UFC Gold to be the new interim UFC lightweight champion.

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Fans are already getting excited about the prospects of the Russian vs the American in December. However, so far nothing has been confirmed by the UFC however this would be just as if not even bigger fight than we saw last night.

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