Kali Muscle Wants To Do MMA


Kali Muscle is training for an MMA fight. This could be a breath of fresh air for MMA, a sport that’s been under the microscope a lot in recent years for rampant steroid use from some of its top competitors. Kali Muscle is adamant that the only juice he ever takes is the kind that you drink, so having a clean and charismatic athlete such as Kali Muscle would be a huge step forward for legitimizing mixed martial arts.

Kali vs Pudz anyone?

One of the traits that helps to build a champion is a tough past. Jose Aldo grew up in the favelas of Brazil with nothing but the shirt on his back, Ronda Rousey suffered the loss of her father, Chris Weidman used to get bullied and beaten up by his own brother, and the list goes on. Kali Muscle is no stranger to having a dark past, so maybe he’ll be able to harness those demons and achieve something great inside the ring, otherwise he’ll end up on the list of athletes that failed at mma.

After pretending to choke out an mma fighter, Kali Muscle goes on to say that he’s still training and looking for that MMA fight as recently as a few months ago.

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