Gaethje Lays Down Barboza With One Punch Finish. Put Him To Sleep!


Gaethje vs Barboza Full Fight – UFC

Justin Gaethje and Edson Barboza Battle it Out

The titan lightweights  Justin Gaethje and Edson Barboza, had a battle Royale lastngiht (Saturday, March 30, 2019) at the Wales Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both Gaethje and Barboza came back from their specular previous losses by scouring magnificent Knockout. Gaethje k.o James Vick and Barboza k.o Dan Hooker-which led to a light-weight showdown. Like all battles Gaethje and most Barboza fights, it had promised to be a true battle Royale.

Gaethje Knocks out Barboza

Touched gloves. Both men went straight to business. Gaethje opened with a leg kick, then another. Barboza returned and threw Gaethje with another. They entered the pocket and traded. Barboza landed  a right Gaethje avoid the next on coming leg kick. Gaethje stepped forward and both men landed some serious back and forth punches, but Barboza came out a bit hurt. However Gaethje took another hard leg kick. He was able to land a huge right hock on Barboza he tried to shake it out but he went down hard.

Gaethje enthusiastically hugged Barboza after the result was read.‘ Gaethje said

The Toughest Sport on Earth

“This is the toughest sport on earth, and the best live show on earth, I guarantee it!”

He was very proud to represent the United States of America against the best Brazilian military artist. He said he would not recommend this sport to his enemy, but he was born and raised and grew up to do so, and will do so until the wheels fall off.

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