Jon Jones Leaves Rehab After Spending Just 1 Night In Treatment


Jon Jones’ mom said in an interview that she’s glad that he was popped for cocaine because it can serve as a wake-up call. Here’s her interview…

We all know that JBJ is a quick learner, and we’re very happy to hear that after just 1 night in rehab the champ is all cured and healthy again. In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Jones’ coach Brandon Gibson said he hadn’t spoken to Jon in a few days and wasn’t sure how long he had planned to stay in rehab. Most people probably didn’t expect it to be such a short stint which might hint at the fact that it was more of an empty gesture than a legitimate recovery plan for somebody who had truly hit rock bottom.

Perhaps JBJ was expecting more of a backlash from the sketchy testosterone levels that were revealed shortly after his cocaine test, and had planned to lay low in rehab. When there wasn’t much of a backlash over the fact that his T levels were the equivalent to those of a 13 year old girl, why stick around? Of course, this is just rampant speculation so take it with a grain of… salt.

The timeline of Jones’ positive cocaine test is interesting too, just days before testing positive for cocaine his Twitter timeline reveals that he had been partying it up in Brazil, where the cocaine flows like water (And, in some of the favelas, instead of water.)

Source: His mom.

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