John Cena Loses United States Title Clean at WWE Hell in a Cell


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Who lost his WWE United States title in the opening match of Hell in a Cell? Here’s a hint…HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! DO DODO DOO! DO DODO DOO!


But no, Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view started off with a quadruple whammy of surprises, the biggest of which was that John Cena lost the United States championship. And not just lost his belt, but lost it cleanly. No interference. No distractions. No cheating.¬†Just a straight up loss.

No, it wasn't Cesaro or Jack Swagger that challenged...

No, it wasn’t Cesaro or Jack Swagger that challenged…

Who did he lose it to, you ask? Well, that’s where two of those surprises came in. Cena issued his open challenge and was actually initially answered by a scooter-bound Zeb Colter. The former manager of the Real Americans wasn’t there to introduce either of his former proteges. No, he was there to introduce a new face.

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