Joe Rogan Telling Harsh Truths To Brendan Schaub And Here’s The Aftermath


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In a recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan welcomed the guys from The Fighter and the Kid podcast which is hosted by comedian/actor Bryan Callen (the Kid) and Brendan Schaub (the Fighter). Joe Rogan was asked to give his honest assessment of Schaub’s performance and he really tore into him. If you look closely, you can actually see the exact moment where all of Schaub’s dreams are crushed into pieces by his good friend Joe Rogan.

Rogan must have been doing his best Travis Browne impression because he didn’t pull any punches. Schaub insisted that this discussion take place on the air, but in hindsight this is definitely the type of thing you should talk about in private. Here are some of the things Joe had to say, followed by the aftermath…

You are a smart dude. You know about concussions you have had. The reality is, I don’t see you beating elite guys. You have no fluidity”

“When I look at the performances, you are not an elite fighter. I know what I am seeing. You are not recognizing.”

Schaub reminds Rogan that he has beaten Cro-Cop, Rogan’s response to that is that everybody knows Cro-Cop was past his prime.

“You are not fighting at that level. You are going to get fucking hit man. I worry. You leave more openings, you have vulnerabilities.”

“15 minutes with an elite fighter. You can’t do that. Your brain doesn’t get better from punches. Werdum, Cain is another level than you.”

You telegraph too much. It is real obvious what you are going to do. You are predictable. Arlovski was a terrible fight”

Reality of brain damage is that it doesn’t heal. The brain is a motherfucker. Shit doesn’t heal.”

You are a funny dude. You don’t have to go out like that. If you keep going, it’s not good.”

Schaub goes on to tell Rogan that his fight against Browne was an early stoppage, that he could beat JDS and Cain, and Joe tells Schaub that if he decides to fight again he’ll probabaly have to take the night off. Damn.

After the dust settled, both guys had follow-up statements…

Here’s Schaub’s take on it…

“We’re sitting down and, I mean, he literally just thrashes me to the fullest extent… You heard me going ‘huh, huh,’ because if I would have spoke you would have heard me crying. I was trying not to cry. My phone blew up. I had 40-45 text messages from friends, family. People going, ‘Walk out right now. Don’t take this right now.

I don’t agree with Rogan. Some of his points I do agree with. There’s some stuff when you lay it out and look at numbers I can see why he thinks I should move on. The truth is I make about as much doing this show as I do in the UFC. That’s the truth, it’s about identical.

Do I think I can compete at a high level and still kind of do [the podcast]? 100 percent. 100 percent. I disagree with him there. It’s a fine line between hanging it up and moving on and continuing to fight. Have I had concussions? 100 percent. It’s documented. You’ve seen me in the UFC. I played football for 20 years. I’d rather live my life for 50 years being a warrior than live to 100 being a freaking gazelle. Being a peasant. 100 years as a peasant? Nah, I’ll take the 50 glories.”

And now, Rogan’s reflections on his verbal lashing of Schaub…

“It was intense,” said Rogan. “I still feel like s**t. I feel like s**t today. I felt like s**t while we were doing it.

“[Schaub] wanted to talk about it on the air and I asked him if he was sure. He was like, ‘Yea absolutely. I want to get it out there. I want to hear exactly what you really think.’ I’m sure what he thought I would think and what I did think was different. Then as we were talking I kind of realized, I feel like his perceptions of where he’s at and the dangers of what has happened to him and the reality of where he’s at and the dangers of what have happened to him were off.

I f***ing love that dude. He’s really honest. He’s really honest about everything except his fighting ability.

If Mirko CroCop and [Schaub] fought back when CroCop won the PRIDE heavyweight grand prix that would have been a completely f***king different fight. That was a different guy back then … and everybody knows it.”

One Simple Trick To Getting The #1 Ranked Podcast

On the plus side, all this controversy got people listening to the Fighter and the Kid podcast and they took the #1 spot in their category on iTunes. Maybe Rogan wasn’t just sugar-coating when he said Schaub has a bright future in podcasting. A bright future in podcasting… isn’t that an oxymoron? Another interesting tidbit is that the live broadcast featured about 5 minutes of discussions about the new UFC uniform deal in which Schaub says that he earns 2x as much money from sponsorships he does from the UFC which was cut from subsequent airings. Is the UFC censoring podcasts now?

Featured image via MMAJunkie

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