Joe Rogan explains why McGregor ran out of air against Mayweather Jr


Joe Rogan UFC Commentator recently on his show called “The Joe Rogan Experience” and retired fighter Brendan Schaub dug ‘in deep’  on his view about why Conor McGregor got wobbly and winded and lost so much pace after about the first three rounds of Boxing that resulted in a TKO lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

According to Rogan, McGregor did not have enough time to prepare for a 12-round bout against Floyd (via ): Why did he not prepare harder then

Joe Rogan: Conor McGregor was not really sure if he was going to have this Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. So he knocked out Eddie Alvarez (at UFC 205), and then one way or another the rumors started. There just was not enough time! A few months of preparation for (to face) Floyd? Having (set the date of) fight so close after the announcement that the fight was indeed going to happen, that was just crazy. ”

” For something like that, Conor should at least give it six months. Maybe he would have been in better shape, or he might have survived.”

Comment: Not sure that more time would have made a difference Conor McGregor was fighting in a discipline that is not his style and maybe the outcome was always going to be a foregone conclusion.  Similarly should Floyd Mayweather fought in the octagon in UFC then all bets that Conor McGregor would win.

Joe Rogan: “[If he] keep the pace he had in the first three rounds during all 12 rounds, then that would have been a very different. And that is because he is dangerous, he is quick and he is able to distance himself. (McGregor) has a big resistance problem at least when it comes to Boxing. Maybe also in MMA. “

Comment: He had a weird fighting style against Mayweather Jr. Conor McGregor out reach his arm to punch leaving his face exposed to long. Also his extended punches was weak by the time they impacted Mayweather Jr. Conor was not getting much in that punch. Maybe he was trying to keep his distance from Mayweather Jr in order to avoid is Knockout.

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