Joe Calzaghe Jr. follows in his fathers footsteps and has his 1st fight!


Joe Calzaghe Jr. has informed us that he has had his first fight. We were sent a short clip of the future star doing the business and looking sharp with nice movement and a tight defence.

Joe Jr, also a southpaw just like his Dad, dropped his opponent twice in the very first round and went on to win his debut fight by unanimous decision.

The Welsh youngster was very precise with his punches causing his opponent to be off balance for the majority of the fight. Throwing a straight left hand with a similar style to father Joe.

Calzaghe Jr wasn’t too over confident with his first performance: “I wasn’t all happy with my first performance, but just need to keep progressing!”

Joe is now set to follow up on this success by having another fight very soon.

It looks like we will be seeing more of this guy as he hopefully makes his mark in this sport.

Video of him fighting on the next page:

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