Joanna Jedrzejczyk does not think to stop being No.1


“My life is better than before. Some people can not understand that he is smiling or in a good mood. I have had more offers to work than I had before. I am an athlete. And now I am stronger. People say that I lost because I was arrogant. I just want to say that I will be much more. Because I know what I’m worth. I know I’m bigger than that defeat. It was not an error, it was an accident. People say I do not respect my rivals, but I respect them. I show that respect with the way I work every day in the gym .

” I’m still the champion . I made this division . In the Olympic Games if you win the gold medal, even if you lose four years later, you still have the medal. The same happens in this. I built this division . I defended the title five times . That means something. I do not want a rematch. I want to fight for the title. ”

This is what Joanna Jedrzejczyk has said that she does not intend to stop being what she is despite criticism.

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