jiu-jitsu Blackbelt Fighter Takes on 3 Guys (Video)


These guys were having some late night fun but it got serious when they tried to take on a pro fighter. The old saying strength is in numbers, that may be somewhat true, however, this guy proved that the people you decide to join with better have some fighting skills or they will all come tumbling like bowling pins.

The footwork of this fighter he “float like butterfly and stunk like a bee” borrow a quote. The black belt fighter showed the skill in combat art fighting, first, he draws them out which spread them thin as a group then he takes on one by one. Each time punching or kicking one then immediately turning his attention to the other coming rivals. All the while he is keeping his guard up not leaving himself exposed. The other two guys seem scared after seeing their friend knocked out with a punch and kick in the face.

Muay Thai v Kickboxing

Does this really work

Posted by Muay Thai on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We are not advocating resolving situation with violence but it shows that it pays to know or learn a bit of self-defense it sometimes can come in handy when you meet a crowd who had too much to drink and or just looking for trouble. In this case, these guys found trouble alright just they could not handle it.

Some people may think it not honorable to kick your opponent when he down but that is a tactic that is commonplace UFC MMA and Muay Thai fighting. Also from a self-defense perspective, it always good to make sure your opponent is neutralized before turning your back on him.

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