Jean-Claude Van Damme Got Hacked, Ex-Employee Posted Pics Of Wife’s Ass and His Photoshopped Biceps


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JCDV’s (former?) social media manager has gone rogue.


Waleed posting vanity shots of himself, pretending that JCDV said it. Seems like a completely mentally healthy guy that definitely isn’t begging for a round-house kick to the face.

His name is Waleed, and he took over Jean-Claude Van Damme’s twitter account and has been posting all sorts of private things.


Jean-Claude Van Damme has been trying to reclaim the accounts and lock Waleed out, but has thus far been unsuccessful.


Waleed is taking credit for the resurgence of JCVD’s career, and he changed all of the account names to include his own name alongside Jean-Claude’s.


Waleed seems real salty, but we’re not sure why. Maybe he was stiffed on a payment? That’s usually the case when you have these social media guys going off.


That’s not even the worst of it. 

Waleed posted pictures that show that JCVD has been photoshopping his biceps for social media posts… allegedly… you be the judge.

He’s also been posting some saucy pictures of Jean-Claude’s wife, claiming they were taken in Waleed’s home. Damn bro.

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