Jay-Z’s body Guard Fights Champion Bare Knuckle Boxer


Bobby Gunn, 37 year old famous bare knuckle champion is a 7 time cruiserweight champion, his boxing record is 21-4-1. But what he is really known for is his bare knuckle record 71-0-0 no less..

These fights that Bobby participates in create just as much attention on the Internet as you would expect with a professional boxer, the world heavyweight bare knuckle boxing champion has a ever growing fan base.


These fights are strictly invitation only, with everything kept a secret until the last hour. The location is given out right at the last minute to keep unwanted eyes away.

In this fight, you see Bobby Gunn go up against Ernest Jackson, a name that might possible not ring any bells, don’t worry, it didn’t with us too. But we are told this is one of rapper Jay-Z’s ex loyal body guards.

The man that 'is' bare knuckle boxing, Bobby Gunn.

The man that ‘is’ bare knuckle boxing, Bobby Gunn.

So, do you want to know how one of the most famous and richest rappers on the planet body guards would do against a bare knuckle boxing champion? ..good, we have the video for you.

This was actually a tough fight for Bobby, as the man they call the Gunn normally dispatches of his victims a lot quicker than this guy, it might of had a lot to do with this Jay-Z body guard had a good jab, and he liked to use it, a lot.


Bobby Gunn seems to be unstoppable without gloves on, he had an impressive career with gloves on so it comes as no surprise.

When watching this video, if you are new to bare knuckle boxing, it might be worth noting, you are statistically more likely to sustain a fatal head injury when your opponent is wearing gloves, that’s not me making that up, that’s a true story. I know, shocking right!

In fact, gloves were not brought into the world of professional boxing to protect the fighters, it’s quite the opposite, they were brought in to make the bouts longer and more exciting to watch.

Check the fight out below:

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