Israel Adesanya On The Hunt For Jon Jones with A Challenge to Fight


IJust a few years ago Anthony Johnson took Israel under his wing as so to speak and into his training camp to prepare for “Bones”. The fight did not happen however that opportunity propel his career and he recently declared himself as the Interim Middleweight Championship UFC. Adesanya recently spoke to TMZ in an interview about a showdown against the current UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

The current challenger to the Interim Middleweight Championship UFC recently spoke with TMZ Sports about a possible fight against the current UFC World Heavyweight Champion. This commented :Notice

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“After killing one of the best in history, I’m going to hunt the next one ” He was referring to Anderson Silva. However, Adesanya maybe getting ahead of himself on this one.

It is understandable that Israel want to celebrate his recent successes in the octagon at UFC. He maybe moving to fast in his career move on his quest to the top by going after Jones so soon. It is obvious from his statement he does not think so and feels that his training and experience makes him a suitable opponent for Jones.

With this type of challenge going out it did not take Jon “Bones” Jones very long to respond. Jones hit Twitter to publish this direct counter-challenge to Adesanya.

“If you think you killed a 44-year-old Anderson Silva, you didn’t. I’m not really sure what fight you’ve been watching. You got past the legendary GOAT, now come fuck with the King of the jungle. I’ll make you call me daddy by the third.” Jon Jones via Twitter

This the latest pre-fight brawl between these two however Jones is a formidable foe and should a fight between Adesanya and Jones finally happen the young Adesanya will have his work cut out for him even though he does have a spectacular fighting technique.

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