ISIS Are Forcing Kids To Fight In Steel Cages To Turn Them Into Killers


The most recent ISIS propaganda video shows them training kids for combat by running them through violent obstacle courses, having grown men stomp on them in boots, and breaking wooden poles over their heads. Furthermore, they’re making these confused kids fight in cages like some kind of primitive UFC/Fight Club hybrid. The production is meant to glorify this torture and to encourage parents to send their kids in to train, when in reality they’re ultimately just signing a death sentence.


These barbaric camps go against everything that martial arts stands for.

“This is sickening ­glorification of the brutalisation of kids for IS. It is designed to appeal to mothers and fathers but children are also the target.”

says Professor Anthony Glees, director of the Buckingham University’s Centre of Security and Intelligence Studies.

This is just another example of the Islamic State using propaganda videos to brainwash children and their parents into thinking there’s some twisted kind of honor in what they’re doing.


The full video is about 7 minutes long and it shows the kids wrestling and fighting while their instructor yells at them and hits them. Sadly, this is probably just one example of a camp like this, and there are likely countless more out there.

On the next page, the Professor explains how videos like this put children all around the world at risk, not just in Iraq.

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