5 Interesting Facts about Lyoto Machida and UFC 175


Fight week is in full-swing, make sure you’ve been catching the UFC Embedded clips, it’s a great format for these types of hype videos. We’ll embed the first one at the bottom of this post. Here are 4 tidbits that’ll help to get you more excited for Weidman vs Machida at UFC 175.

  • A Machida victory over Weidman would make Lyoto only the 3rd fighter in UFC history to have won belts in two different divisions. The other two are Randy Couture and B.J. Penn (and Lyoto has beaten both of them, too.)
  • Lyoto Machida drinks his own urine in the morning.
  • Rashah Evans, Stephan Bonnar, Rich Franklin, Thiago Silva, Michael Mcdonald and Sam Greco all have Lyoto to thank for handing them their first career losses.
  • Dan Henderson has also had championship belts in two different divisions, but it happened in Pride rather than the UFC. Lyoto has beaten him, too.
  • Machida and Anderson Silva have trained together for years and are great friends, who have never fought inside the cage but can you imagine how big that match would be? Anderson challenging Lyoto for the belt. First things first…

I heard you like UFC Embedded so I embedded UFC 175 Embedded so you can catch an embedded version of Embedded.

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