“I’d love to face old Nick” – Stephen Thompson


UFC heavyweight championship, Stephen ‘incredible’ Thompson is recovering form his majority decision failure against Tyrone Wood, UFC 209 event held on March 4, 2017.
Thompson is still in Rehabilitation from knee surgery – however he gave ‘’ comment about he future plans, where he reveals he wants to return to Octagon in September of this year, also said three possible competitors, want to meet.

Stephen Thompson: “I want to fight with anyone in the top 5. Carlos Condit is on my radar. Obviously I think Robbie Lawler would be a phenomenal fight. I think a fight with Lawler would be great for fans and it’s an idea that (UFC) could really support. So hopefully my managers will get in touch with their guys to find out what they want and try to wake up. And yes, Robbie Lawler or Carlos Condit is what I’m hoping for. ”

“Yes, definitely (Thompson referring to facing Nick Diaz ). I know the UFC has been offering him and his brother some fights, but they have turned them down or whatever. But if Nick Diaz is willing to do it, then I’d love to fight Nick Diaz! He has been in the game for a long time and I know that anyway (the UFC) will push him to compete. That could be a possibility. I would love to face old Nick. I have a lot of respect for him. This would be an entertaining fight. Like Robbie Lawler, Nick speeds up the pace. I think that would make this fight exciting for the fans. Those fights would be wars. The fans will be happy with that. ”

Seems it all about the fans now for this come back and rightly so.

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