Icelandic Strongman Benedikt Magnusson Was The Weirdest Looking Teenager Ever


Most teenagers go through that awkward phase, but most of them don’t go on to become one of the strongest men on earth. When you’re 6 feet tall and nearly 400 pounds, it can take a while to grow into yourself, as evidenced by the Icelandic Strongman and real-life Viking Benedikt Magnússon. These days, he walks the earth looking down at all of the mere mortals, the weaklings, and the cowards from his ivory tower of muscle.

Here’s Benedikt these days…

IMG_1789 BvfsljwCYAAnW0f.jpg-large

Just some minor bruising, it’s the cost you gotta pay to be the boss. 


Here’s Benni setting the world record for deadlift in 2014 with 1016 pounds (See the video on the last page.)


He was still a beast when he was a teenager, but … well … see for yourself below.


He’s like a less cut, strongman version of a young Brock Lesnar, except he would have probably been the one taking Brock’s lunch money at school. 

LesnarBrock-musclebeach brock-lesnar-pictures10.jpg.w300h400

we’ve got a video of him lifting more weight than you could ever even dream of lifting.

So for all you weird looking kids out there, just remember that things can get better. Here’s all you need…

  • Crazy Viking genetics
  • Countless hours to dedicate to lifting heavy things
  • A desire to be the strongest man on the earth

And that’s it!


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