Holly Holm Is Appealing Her Loss Due To Strikes After The Bell


The main event at UFC 208 was pretty frustrating to watch. It was a close fight, but there was one strike in particular that made a big difference, and it’s when Holly was rocked with a blatant late strike at the end of the 3rd round.

Germaine de Randamie is the 145lb women’s champ, but the win isn’t without controversy. That first late strike had Holly in rough shape with only a minute to recover, and it definitely changed the pace of things.

In the post fight interview, she criticize Holm for ‘not wanting to fight’.

Germaine went on to win via decision, but if the ref would have taken a point away for the late strike in the 3rd round, or the one that happened at the end of the very next round too, it would have at least been a draw – and that’s not taking into account that Holly could have ended up possibly winning more of the later rounds of she wasn’t rocked by an illegal shot.

Others have said it should be a disqualification for a late strike that lands flush.

Now, Holly Holm is going to appeal the judge’s decision in hopes of having her loss overturned. It basically never happens, but it’s worth a shot?

It’s up to the ref to take control during the fight. The first one was bad enough that nobody would mind if there was a point taken off, but even people who think you should get a warning for that can’t defend the second late strike.

Both fighters are elite strikers in their own right,

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