Here’s What You Missed Last Night at UFC Fight Night 94


UFC Fight Night 94, in a word, sucked. Really hard. Like…it wasn’t a great card, I’m not going to lie to you.

There were a few good fighters, though, and it’s worth keeping tabs on what happened. So here are the important things you may have missed last night in Hidalgo, Texas.

Evan Dunham Shows That Size Matters

You could tell by looking at them side-by-side that size would be a factor. Photo by Sherdog.

You could tell by looking at them side-by-side that size would be a factor. Photo by Sherdog.

Evan Dunham is a very good lightweight fighter. Rick Glenn is a very good featherweight fighter. Contrary to what stupid MMA fans believe, size really does matter, and it showed here.

Dunham looked way bigger and way heavier than Glenn, and used that advantage well by out-wrestling and out-grappling him for the length of the fight. He couldn’t finish it, but took as clean a decision as it can get. Notes:

  • Don’t sour on Glenn too much off this one fight. He has excellent striking and serious explosiveness. If he gets back down to 145 for his next fight, look for him to produce fireworks.
  • Evan Dunham’s looking really good. He has historically struggled to post lengthy winning streaks, but now has four in a row. He should be in line to get some top-10 opposition.

Uriah Hall Victim of Herb Dean Being a Not-Great Ref

This fight didn't go so great for Uriah Hall. Photo by Sherdog.

This fight didn’t go so great for Uriah Hall. Photo by Sherdog.

After a bit of back-and-forth striking, middleweight contender Derek Brunson clipped Uriah Hall with a left hand, and scored a clean knockdown. He went to the ground, threw one, two, three, four punches and the ref waved it off. Unfortunately, this is 2016 and we have instant replay. It turned out that none of the ground-and-pound landed.

Hall popped up immediately after the stoppage and griped to Herb Dean, unfortunately, the outcome was set. Hall lost via TKO in Round 1. Notes:

  • Brunson’s really, really good so, once again, don’t get soured by this one controversial win. He’s officially on a well-earned four-fight knockout streak.
  • Brunson called for a title shot after the bout and, yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Weidman, Rockhold, Souza and Romero are all in front of him in line.

Scary Knockout in the Main Event

Dustin Poirier has a way of getting on peoples’ nerves. I don’t really see how, since he’s a fairly normal guy and doesn’t talk much smack, but he’s had a lot of weigh-in scuffles over the years and had another one here, ahead of his fight with Michael Johnson. The fight itself, though, didn’t go his way.

After some light sparring, Johnson knocked Poirier down with a right hand. While that wouldn’t necessarily be a HUGE deal, he jumped onto Poirier with a massive hammerfist and, well, see for yourself above. Notes:

  • Big win for Johnson. The dude actually moves very close to a title shot with this win, given Nate Diaz’s afk status and his wins over Edson Barboza and Tony Ferguson.
  • Sucks for Poirier, though. He was riding a good winning streak and now finds himself stranded in the division. Not many fights make sense for him, and every possibility is dangerous.
  • Johnson’s a classless dude. He taunted an unconscious Poirier after the fight. Oh, and he slapped around his girlfriend back in 2014.

The Best of the Rest

This is Maximo Blanco after getting Chas Skelly'd. Photo by @ChungFKennedy on Twitter.

This is Maximo Blanco after getting Chas Skelly’d. Photo by @ChungFKennedy on Twitter.

  • Chas Skelly scored the best stoppage of the night by “THIS IS SPARTA” kicking Maximo Blanco and following that up with a lightning quick D’Arce Choke.
  • Aaaaand that’s about it. This was a REALLY bad event consisting largely of REALLY bad fighters. I’m glad it’s over.

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