Hear What Ronda Rousey Said After She Regained Consciousness at UFC 193


The UFC loves Ronda Rousey more than anyone else and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the UFC is trying to downplay the fact that she was viciously knocked out at UFC 193 by Holly Holm. From Dana White’s dismissive attitude about Holm’s win to how the UFC is actively trying to cover up how she lost,you can tell that the UFC is trying to pretend that everything is business as usual.

"Rousey's still the best fighter ever, ya goof. Holly Holm just got lucky, dummy!" --Dana White, Probably

“Rousey’s still the best fighter ever, ya goof. Holly Holm just got lucky, dummy!” –Dana White, Probably

Well, even though the UFC 193 cameramen were aiming at literally anything other than Rousey, a brave internet soul managed to capture footage of a discombobulated Rousey immediately after being resuscitated from the fight-ending headkick.


Rousey immediately after waking up, surrounded by doctors and her coaching staff.

It’s a brand new look for what was once a seemingly unstoppable Rousey and, much like the UFC 189 footage of Rory MacDonald writhing on the ground after being knocked out by Robbie Lawler, it’s somewhat hard to watch. Want to see Rousey immediately after the finish? Want to hear what she said? You know what to do.

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