Guy Walks in a Gym Off The Street and Challenges a Fighter Then Gets Knocked Out (Video)


These guys were busy training at their local gym when out of the blue a guy walks in and wants to challenge the fighters in the gym. Hard work and training is no joke, although there are guys out there that think it doesn’t make much difference, a limited few believe that extensive training means nothing is a ‘real’ fight.

Well, this guy was in for a shock. He believed he could just ask for a fight with a guy that has been training for many months.

As the fight started you could see instantly he was way out of his league and he had made a huge mistake.

Taking shots and looking off balance it was only a matter of time before he would get dropped.

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With his low guard and no idea of distance, he was caught with a quick sharp right hand, momentarily stunned, he then was open for another right hand, then it came, right on the chin.

It just goes to show you, respect guys that put in the hard work, fighting is no joke, train hard and defend yourself at all times.



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