Guy In Charge Of UFC Rankings Is Talking Trash To Fighters On Twitter


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You know the kid who becomes hallway monitor and lords it over the rest of the students? Here’s what happens when he’s all grown up. 

The official UFC rankings are voted on by a select group of … internet trolls, apparently. A fighter’s ranking means a LOT to their career. It impacts what fights they’re going to get, and at one point it was even going to impact how much they got paid by Reebok. In other words, these warriors who leave it all in the cage for our entertainment essentially live and die by the rankings, in one way or another.

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And one of the guys who is in charge of voting on those rankings likes to spend his time talking shit to fighters on Twitter. Yeah, seriously. He even reminds them that he’s in charge of the rankings while he does it.

The rankings are already controversial and don’t always make sense, and when you see stuff like this it’s no wonder why. This is a really bad look…

The tweets might end up getting deleted, so we’ve got the screenshots.

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