Video: Guy Gets Knocked Out By Trained Fighter


This guy really picked a fight with the wrong one. Some people think that fighting is just about trowing wild kicks and punches. However, any MMA fan, fighter or trainer would tell you different it all about skill, technique and timing. Even when you are facing off with two opponents.

This Lation guy, learnt that the hard way. After his friend, who seems to be the sensible one of the two, decides he cant handle the MMA fighter in a hand to hand combat back down, he step up to the challenge and takes it upon himself to take on the fight what happens next is he is taken down is a brutal Suplex knock out.

Even though he lasted all about forty seconds we must commend him for his bravery or stupidity depending on how you look at it.  Advice when you match against a trained fighter wild kicks and punches will get you knocked out faster than you think.

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