Guy Beats His Girlfriend After She Played A “Break Up” Prank On Him!


Pranks can be funny when they are appreciated. As of recently, they have been many pranksters online via social media from Youtube to Instagram. Well, this fine young lady who seems somewhat in love with her mate decides to play a break-up prank on him.

The Plan Before The Attack

She took her boyfriend into the bedroom sat him on the bed and began to tell him that things between them were not working out and prodding him for a response as to what he thinks. Seemly devastated by the news he does not have much of an answer for her. After realizing his response was rather mute, at that stage she said to him that it a prank. You would expect this guy to be relieved and hug her, but this is not what happened. See video on next page

He goes into a sudden fit of rage and starts to pound her head and face with several one-two combos, you can hear her in the background screaming and it was a prank but this does not seem to pacify this engaged young man.

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