Genius Scientists Discover That Having a Few Beers A Day Keeps You Healthy And Young


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First of all, let’s get a Nobel Peace prize for these brilliant scientists, at the very least. Shoutout to the American Society of Human Genetics, who have completed research showing that people who have a couple drinks a day are healthier and are aging more slowly than others.

Just getting healthy.

Rogan getting healthy with a fan.

While testing people’s DNA to determine how old their bodies seemed, they discovered that people who had a few drinks every day were aging better and were healthier. In other words, people who had a couple beers after work had bodies that were younger than their actual calendar ages, and people who drank nothing or next to nothing, or drank a ton, had accelerated their aging.

Bad news for people who don’t drink, and people who are getting plastered every single day, but good news for everyone who’s getting a little buzzed all the time. It looks like slow and steady wins the race after all.

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