Garbrandt to Dillashaw That “Little snake in the grass, Conor was right”


This all occurred during the making of the film “The Ultimate Fighter“. The name of the movie does hold a lot to had. Nonetheless during the taping Conor McGregor had an argument with TJ Dillashaw during the heated exchange Conor reportedly called TJ “snake in the grass“, because TJ was taking advantage of Urijah Faber who was his coach in the for the Alpha Male Team.

Even some though time has passed since then, TJ Dillashaw will not train or practice in the same gym as Alpha Male seem that when he left the team he was not on good parting terms with Faber. This has lead some people in the MMA / UFC to think that Conor McGregor was right about TJ along that he really is a “snake in the grass”.

MMA Fighting note tweet was posted, titled with a Dillashaw quote where he claimed that Garbrandt did not want to face it, which automatically generated a response from the new champion,

Some people might consider that tweet by Cody to be slippery and “slimey” thing to say regardless that was his words. On the cards there are several options for the next fight of Garbrandt, but the truth is that the fight that makes the most sense is his against TJ Dillashaw, who comes to defeat John Lineker. The choice he makes will determine a lot.

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