Floyd Mayweather’s British GF was Almost Killed by Conor McGregor Fans


On the low, Floyd has been seeing a 25 year old British girl named Abi Clarke. She stars in a soap opera called The Only Way Is Essex but her real life drama has been a lot more intense than any television show.

Conor really upped the ante by wearing the jersey of an NBA player who had allegedly slept with Floyd’s ex, but some of Conor’s fans are taking things much too far.

It started with people yelling things at her on the street, like “You plastic slag…You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die!”

But it got much, much worse the other night, at 3am, when some maniac tossed a brick through her window.

Hold up – how do we know this has anything to do with Conor fans?

It’s senseless to just automatically assume the people who threw the brick were Conor McGregor fans, good thing we don’t have to make that assumption, because they attached a note to the brick that said “F— The Mayweathers.”

Things have been escalating, so she’s probabally going to be taking a break from the public eye, at least until things have settled down – this is just getting out of hand. It’s not an exaggeration to say she could have been killed by that brick, if you’re standing by a window and you get decked in the head by a brick, that could cause some serious damage.

Now clearly, the intention of these “fans” wasn’t to kill anyone, they would have found a more effective way to do that, but this is still a totally senseless act that could have had very, very severe consequences.

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