Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Both Agree To Terms, Fight Is Official For May 2nd


After years of anticipation and speculation, it’s finally set in stone. Floyd and Manny have both agreed to fight on May 2nd, and they’ve both agreed to the terms. Multiple sources have come forward to reveal that it’s a go – so boxing fans can finally rejoice that this fight’s been made.

via TMZ Sports:
Floyd Mayweather has agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao … multiple sources tell TMZ Sports … who say the two finally came to an agreement moments ago.
The two sides had been trying to hammer out a deal for a while to square off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2nd.
Manny had agreed to his contract weeks ago … and it was all up to Floyd to sign on the dotted line.
But now, after meeting in person at the Miami Heat game earlier this week … we’re told it’s a done deal .. and the two sides will make a formal announcement in the coming days.

So... who ya got?

So… who ya got?

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