Floyd Mayweather Picks Next Opponent for Fight in September


It’s been reported that Floyd Mayweather has chosen his next opponent for a fight on September 12th on CBS that’s being hyped up as a “give back” after many fans were disappointed by the hugely anticipated Mayweather/Pacquiao bout that broke Pay Per View records but left many with a bad taste in their mouth.



Floyd blames Manny for a boring fight, and wants to use his upcoming fight on September 12th to make things right and to give back to the sport of boxing. It’s been reported that the fight will air on free TV instead of on PPV, so sponsorship money will make up for the lost revenues from PPV sales.


This is Floyd’s final notch on his huge 6-fight deal with Showtime/CBS, and a victory will put him at 49-0 leaving him a free agent to do as he pleases for his 50th, and likely final, fight.

To find out who’s got the golden ticket to fight Mayweather on September 12th, hit the next page.

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