Floyd Mayweather on MMA: I’m In The $100 Million Business, Not The $100 Thousand Business


Floyd Mayweather is the top P4P boxer on earth, he’s never fought in MMA or even wanted to, yet for some reason his name keeps¬†getting brought up by the UFC and their fighters. It makes sense, anytime they say his name they make national headlines. Floyd gets more headlines about MMA than just about any MMA fighter, so trying to attach him to MMA is a proven strategy when the UFC has a fight to hype up.


All of the talk about who would win in a fight between Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather puts Floyd in an awkward position. He’s a boxer, and would beat anyone on the planet at his weight class in a boxing match, so it’s a weird conversation to talk about Floyd vs any MMA fighter in the first place, and it gets even weirder when it’s Ronda. Nobody ever talks about which NFL player would be the best at cross country skiing, because those are different sports – just like MMA and boxing are.


Floyd had the perfect answer when he was tired of being asked a bunch of MMA questions, check out what he had to say:

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