Floyd Makes It Rain, Conor Reveals It’s All One Dollar Bills


That’s three press conferences in the bag, and so far they’ve all been 10-8 rounds in favor of Conor McGregor. Floyd tried to catch him off guard at the first conference, but Conor didn’t skip a beat. At the second conference in Toronto, Conor had a chance to prepare his speech because he wasn’t caught off guard like the first time, and that one was arguably a 10-7 round in favor of McGregor. If you’ve been watching them, you know that no matter WHAT Floyd tries to say, Conor always has a perfect comeback locked and loaded. Conor even called Floyd’s boss a weasel and a bitch, and you could tell Mayweather loved that – he sure doesn’t get to talk to Showtime executives that way.

No matter how you slice it, the crowds have been on Conor’s side, and he’s been dominating these pressers and making Floyd just look cringey.

At the most recent press conference, Floyd tossed some rolls of cash in t he air to make it rain, but once again Conor hit him with the perfect counter-punch by pointing out that all of the bills were only $1.

Floyd didn’t even deny it, he said “Because that’s all you’re worth.”

Still, point goes to Conor for this one, since Conor has already been mentioning that Floyd owes a ton of money to the IRS and asked for an extension on his taxes, so this only further enforces the meme that Floyd Mayweather is going broke and that’s why he took this fight.

We’re not trying to sound like we’re riding Conor’s junk too hard, but he’s genuinely destroying Floyd at these pressers – not that that really means anything for the fight, but if Conor can get deep enough into Floyd’s head by dishing it out verbally better than anyone has towards him in the past, it could lead to a sliver better odds in the fight, you never know… Look what happened with Aldo, after over a year of having to listen to Conor, once it was time to fight he just went in, and got caught, doesn’t mean that’ll happen to Floyd but it doesn’t hurt to try…

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