Fatal Kick Flew A Tooth Send Him Into The Canvas


Attendance at the Golden Ticket Fight Promotions held in Wolverhampton, UK, witnessed one of the most violent kicks in the history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

The Polish fighter Samuel Ilinicki was the winner of the fight after leaving KO to the British Solomon Rogers with a fulminating kick. The violence of the coup was such that all present were petrified and restless by the state of Rogers, who lost a tooth by the impact.

Despite winning the fight, Ilinicki did not celebrate the victory, worrying about the state of his opponent, who was lying motionless in the cage after the blow.

The Pole won with the victory thanks to a tactical movement consisting of feuding with hitting with the right fist and ending up with his right leg in the face.

The medical team quickly responded to Rogers, who was transferred to a hospital. The fighter is recovering, although it is unknown if he will return to the cage

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