WATCH: Fighter Taunts Opponent & Gets Knocked Out Cold In Last 10 Seconds


In this video British boxer Sam Maxwell punched his way to incredible comeback agaisnt a cocky opponent…

Maxwell who was on the precipice of losing the WBO WBO European super lightweight title to Sabri Sediri at Leicester Arena on Saturday. He was knocked down twice and with the scorecards stacked against him.

However his opponent Sediri made a studid and costly mistake, that any true fighter know you dont do. He started to underestimate his Maxwell and thinking he has the fight in the bag. This left an perfect opportunity for Maxwell to exploit.

Sediri thinking that the victory was already his started to taunted Maxwell in the few seconds left of the tenth round and left his hands and chin open (SHM- how stupid)

Out of nowhere, Maxwell landed a powerful right cross that landed right on the button and brought Sediri out of LaLa land and back to earth. This could be a true contender for the knockout of the year title.

It Was a Dramatic Comeback

Sam Maxwell and Sabri Sediri battled it out in epic fashion at the Morningside Arena in Leicester on the weekend. Both fighter vying to protect their reputation and immaculate records, with the WBO European super lightweight title hanging in the balance.

Even though Sediri started off good he was dominating Maxwell in what looked like a one-sided match where he scored two knockdowns

But giving up was not on Maxwell’s mind as he utilized the remaining 15 seconds to come back with a dramatic knockout victory out of nowhere. As it seems this weekend was a time of dramatic comebacks and knockout with Anthony Pettis flooring Stephen Thompson

Sediri was taunting the British boxer, all the while exposing his chin and leaving his hands down, then Maxwell delivered a vicious right cross that sent him down the canvas to the amazement and delight of the crowd.

As Sediri rose to his feet it was clear he was out of it and the referee waved off the fight.

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