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Female Kickboxing Champ in Real Muay Thai Fight With Man, Got Brutally Knocked Out

Muay Thai

This fight not only resulted in her being brutally knocked out but raise the q question. Should a female fighter have a match with a male fighter in combat sports? Some may say it obvious that the man will win but that is not necessarily the case. Watch the video below

She was going for it and got some good shots in for sure. At a certain point near the end it’s like he realized “Man, I could lose this if I don’t step it up…” She fought well but should a woman every fight with a man in combat sports?


The guy in this video is Somchai Jaidee, and this was a lose-lose for him, even though he won. If he lost, his training partners would never let him live it down but instead, he won – and KO’d a woman which is generally frowned upon when you’re a man. In either case, he really didn’t stand to gain.


Mad props to Lucia Rijker for going for it, she went out on her shield and she’s a true warrior.

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