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Featured Video: Buakaw Banchamek’s Knockout Punch Is Brutal and Spectacular

Muay Thai

Champion Buakaw Banchamek Muay Thai and kickboxing champion has a spectacular career and this featured one of his yet another spectacular knockout finish to his already fantastic career when he fought against Marouan Toutouh.

Buakaw is renowned for in both the muay Thai and kickboxing arena. As such he has become a household name in the combat sports. Recently at Kunlun Fight 67, Buakaw fought against Marouan Toutouh, he was a short-notice replacement. However, Buakaw wasted little time in taking out his opponent. After dropping Toutouh earlier in the round, Buakaw ended the contest with a brutal and crushing left hook.

Watch The Moment Buakaw landed this brutal Knockout

The rest of the card featured other notable names such as Davit Karia & Marat Grigorian were also a good fight. Yet after, Buakaw fight it left little doubt who people would be discussing after the night was over. Below we posted the full fight between Buakaw vs Marouan

Watch The Full Fight Video Below

This fighter is a true champ executing full moves and delivering brutal blows

This was truly the fight of the night!

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