Fake Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Outed and Asked To Remove Belt


Here’s what jiu-jitsu black belt Ruben Alvarez had to say, “Great thing about Bjj its a small circle you can’t lie and say you’re a Bjj black belt the mats don’t lie. I’m just happy I kept my composure. No judges needed!”

Thank you everyone first & foremost I’m about to roll with my students. I wanna thank all of you for the love shown to me. The only thing I’ve loved more than my family is jiu jitsu because its the only that’s been pure to see. You get what you put in….Bjj is all about hard work and I’ll be damned if someone is gonna make what I love and what you all love look bad. I am jiu jitsu and I’m proud to be a Cyborg Black Belt. Carlson Gracie lineage is what I honor.”

This happened at Fight Sports Cybor BJJ in Miami

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