Review Video Of What Went Wrong In Fatal Kickboxing Match


Flash back to that fatal night in March of 2014 when Dennis Munson Jr. made his amateur debut at an event put on by Roufusport in Milwaukee. This tragic video got a lot of attention, garnered a lot of speculation, and caused an uproar when fighters such as Rose Namajunas and other alumni spoke out against the gym and their old school mentality.

Any layman can look at this video and know that this fight should have been stopped a lot sooner. He can barely stand up in between rounds when he cornerman props him up against the ropes. There were many people responsible for fighter safety this night that dropped the ball in many different ways.

This is a student making his amateur debut in a small promotion where the stakes should have been much lower. After the bout finally ended, it took 30 minutes to get him to a hospital for treatment and sadly, Dennis passed away. Now, with this video, we’re able to see what expert doctors have to say. This is tough to watch, but as a fan of martial arts it’s important to understand the very real risks that these fighters are taking each time they step into the ring for our entertainment.

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