This Terrible Boxer Lost 51 Fights In a Row, Then The Impossible Happened


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Certain martial arts are notorious for padding records to hype up fighters. For every win on a padded record of a celebrated boxer, there’s also a loss. This is the story of many, many of those losses.

Robin Deakin doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, but that could just be because he’s been hit in the head so many times.


He made his professional debut a decade ago, and has managed to string together 51 losses in a row. At one point, they even revoked his boxing license to protect him from himself (and his opponents, of course.)

“Not every1 can be the best boxer but I dont state I am. I do what I love and do what I do. If yu got a problem that’s ur problem not mine” – Robin Deakin, via Twitter.

Robin Deakin actually won his first ever fight almost ten years ago, things were looking good. Then he went 1-1. That’s okay, even record, people have bounced back from worse. Then he lost again, and again, and again…

With former undisputed champ Boom Boom Minton.

With former undisputed champ Boom Boom Minter.

Finally, he’s sitting at 1-51. Things look absolutely hopeless. He’s barely allowed to fight. He’s been knocked out a dozen times. He’s been swallowed up and spat out by shady promoters looking to pad the records of their fighters time and time again. He had become a specticle… People would come see his fights just to see him lose.


Then a few days ago, everything changed…

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