Evander Holyfield and Mitt Romney Are Going To Have A Boxing Match


Once again, Mitt Romney is looking to get beaten by a black guy. The only difference is that this time it won’t cost him millions of dollars of his rich friend’s money but it will certainly hurt a lot more. Mitt Romney and former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield are going to be competing in a boxing match for charity. Let the Floyd and Manny hype rest for just a minute and let this madness soak in.

Holyfield hasn’t fought since 2011, but the 52-year-old is a spring chicken compared to the 68 year old Mitt Romney who, surprisingly, didn’t opt to take on somebody like John McCain or Rush Limbaugh. In an interview with a local paper, Romney said

“It will either be a very short fight, or I will be knocked unconscious.”

Probably both. Mitt “Mitts” Romney says that the two will “spar around a little bit,” and claims that “it won’t be much of a fight.” You hear that, Real Deal? Sounds like he’s taking you lightly…

Romney will have full protective gear on, thank goodness, and sponsorship of this event starts at $25k and goes all the way up to $150k so they’ll be bringing in a lot of cash, which isn’t out of the ordinary for this type of fundraiser however usually there isn’t a geriatric boxing match taking place.

The money that’s raised from this freakshow fight is going to a charity called CharityVision, which has one of Romney’s sons at the helm.

As far as we can tell, Romney’s only experience in the ring comes from being photoshopped next to pictures of Obama from the 2012 Presidential Election. 



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