Drunk 15-Year-Old Boy Beats Up Police Officer


Well the long arm of the law will catch up with criminal sooner or later. Well this 15 years old did not seem to care too much for that. In the video the police is arresting him for just disturbing the peace at the Mall . We all know what it is to spend the day at the mall but I guess these guy took a day of fun too far. When even though they are under age they got drunk. Well needless to say they quickly started rowdy and police was call in.

This cop seems to be the first to arrive on the scene and restrains the leader of the pack but the youngster was not going to jail without a fight. In the video 15 year old is eventually able to struggle free from the police and start a violent wild fist fight. Any one who been in a fight know it coordination of punch that can really give a good knockout. However the youngster seem to get the upper hand of cop with a timely swing and causes both of the to fall then he pummels the cop with a few blows and then kicks him as a final blow.


These youngster need a good parenting no way they should be drinking at such a young age worst yet fighting with the police. However the entire incident was covered on camera so it wont be long before police make an arrest of this youngster and bring down the long arm of the law upon him.

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