Dominick Cruz Dared This Massive Radio Host To Try To Hit Him


When people who aren’t very experienced in actual fights watch an MMA fight sometimes, they’re like “Why doesn’t he just hit the guy?!”… Well, it’s not always that easy.

A huge size advantage doesn’t really help if you can’t even touch your opponent, and if your opponent has good footwork, even ‘okay’ footwork, if you haven’t fought before – you’re most likely going to get lit up like a birthday cake and then put to sleep early like a bratty kid.

Jason Ellis is known for hosting a very popular podcast where he often features fighters and even puts on a yearly event where he’ll get in the ring with various legends of MMA. He took on Urijah Faber once, for instance. Faber isn’t the only one to get a piece, Ellis also got it on with Cruz.

Cruz is notoriously hard to hit, so check out the clip above. How do you think it’s going to play out? You’ve got professional, experienced MMA fighters at Cruz’ own size who are barely able to tag him in their fights, but how will a much bigger radio host, who dabbles in combat sports, fare against the legendary Champion?

Cruz may have lost the belt, but he’s still one of the best to ever step inside the Octagon and deserves a lot of praise for his multiple comebacks after suffering brutal injuries that have ended many other careers. The guy is a testament to hard work and determination, and watch how he handles Jason Ellis.

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