Diaz vs McGregor Rematch in Jeopardy? Nate Diaz: “UFC Played Me Again. Trust Nobody.”


Nate Diaz is not happy with the UFC. That’s probably not a surprise since neither Diaz brother has ever really gotten along with the UFC’s executives, but he’s really mad right now and in prime position to do something about it.

While it’s not entirely clear what has Diaz angry, he made an ominous post on Twitter that has the MMA world talking:

That’s not a good thing for the UFC.

For those who don’t remember, the UFC had Diaz replace an injured lightweight champion in Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 after he pulled out of the fight due to a broken foot. While Diaz entered the fight as an underdog and an afterthought, he exited as one of the UFC’s most popular fighters.

With that newfound popularity has come an increased number of media opportunities and a mainstream media stardom that he seems to greatly enjoy. Talk shows? Morning news programs? Big interviews? Diaz has been putting himself out there in a big way.

Conor McGregor's eyes are currently affixed to Nate Diaz. Photo by Sherdog.

Conor McGregor’s eyes are currently affixed to Nate Diaz. Photo by Sherdog.

That newfound popularity, however, seems to have the UFC and Diaz running on opposite plans. While Diaz has been enjoying his newfound fame and the adoration that comes with it, the UFC views these media opportunities as a means to just one end; higher buy rates.

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