Demi Lovato Reveals How She is Fighting Her Drug Addiction (Video)


Superstar singer and actress Demi Lovato has found in the BJJ the road to recovery. The actress and singer gave us the GREAT scare last July when we learned that she had to be hospitalized because of an overdose. A true betrayal to a whole generation that adored her.

And when her fans around the world began to prepare for the worst outcome, the truth is that Demi has been overcoming stages. After spending weeks of detoxification and months of being sober, surprised us all with her first look after leaving rehabilitation.

The Secret to Drug-Free Demi Lovato
Now has uploaded a new post in which we have discovered one of the secrets of her recovery. In the picture, she appears very pretty, with a fresh complexion, rosy lips and dressed in a bathrobe that takes us to a delicious morning in the SPA. But no, it’s actually a white kimono for the practice of BJJ.

The martial art, in particular, is jiu-jitsu. In fact, in her last post on Instagram Demi writes a funny comment about it: Sweaty, messy jiu-jitsu hair … (Hair jiu-jitsu, wet, excited …).

Ring The Bell She Knocked My Tooth Out!

Recently she published a video of how she knocked out Tv sports analysis Jay Glazer tooth

With this publication, it is proven how much the martial arts are helping her to clear up since she left the hospital, and she implies that she is not giving up on her problems with drugs.

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