Cowboy Cerrone In Trouble For Saying Daniel Cormier Fights Like A F*g


Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, who fights in the UFC at light weight and welterweight, was criticized for a comment he made at a press event in which he said that Daniel Cormer was fighting like a “fag” in his UFC 200 bout with Anderson Silva.

The Welterweight Champion over in the ONE organization, Ben Askren, posted a video to Facebook aimed at Cerrone in which he called out Cowboy for making these comments. Askren would love to start a rivalry with a big name UFC fighter because it could be his best opportunity to finally make it over to the UFC. At the end of  the day, he’s cashing big checks and fighting easier guys over at ONE, but if he truly believes that he is the best fighter on the planet – he’s going to want to prove it eventually.

Cowboy isn’t very concerned about Askren’s comments from the peanut gallery. Cowboy apologized for what he said about Cormier, but still thinks the fight should have been more exciting. Cowboy wanted Cormier to take more risks, since he had such a big weight advantage over Silva, who hadn’t even had time to put in a training camp and hadn’t trained for months.

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