Daniel Cormier Proves He’s a Better Driver Than Jon Jones


Here’s a fun video where DC basically drives around in a golf kart and shows how much everybody adores him.

They’re stopping to shake his hand, give him high fives, or just cheer out in adoration.

He really looks like he’s overcome the disappointment from missing out on a chance to unify the belt against Jon Jones. Anderson Silva money will have that effect on a man. He makes a reference to that fact that he’s doing just fine financially, after coming very close to missing out on the biggest payday of his career when Jon Jones was pulled from the card, before a replacement had been found. PPV numbers still haven’t been released for UFC 200 yet, but DC made a pretty penny.

This video will put you in a good mood, and there’s a pretty funny moment when DC interrupts another champion while they’re in the middle of a Q&A so make sure that you keep an eye out for that.

If this was Jon Jones offering to drive, would anyone have accepted the offer?

If Anderson Silva or another opponent wouldn’t have stepped up to fight DC at the last minute, he would probabally still be driving around today – except it would have been an Uber instead.

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