Dana White Looks Like He’s On More Steroids Than Any Fighter


With all the talk about USADA, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, and all the other fighters who have been popping for performance enhancing drugs lately, let’s take a moment to achknowlede how MASSIVE Dana White has gotten. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s his choice. Dana isn’t an athlete competing in a combat sport, so he shouldn’t be held to the same standards as the fighters.

Just a couple of Albino Gorillas…

dana and brock

Still, it’s pretty funny that all these athletes are failing drug tests, meanwhile you’ve got Dana White over here looking like you’d fail a drug test just for shaking his hand. He’s probabally not even allowed in the same room that the tests take place, he’d throw off the calibration.

They must be passing needles around the office, because Joe (He’s openly admitted to using substances to help him stay jacked…) and former UFC owner Lorenzo are also looking huge.

Again, it’s all good.. these guys aren’t fighters, they aren’t competing, they aren’t going out there and punching people in the head, they can do what they want. Chances are it’s all prescribed by fancy doctors, anyways.


Nate Diaz wasn’t lying! “They’re all on steroids!” 


Here’s an older picture. The newest one is the first one at the top of this page, where Dana’s looking the most jacked of all. If he continues on this path, we’ll probabally see him hitting the stage at Mr. Olympia sooner or later.


How would you feel getting the news from Dana that you’ve been suspended for 2-4 years for posting positive for steroids? Here’s DW chilling at the beach with former champ Matt Serra.

DW (1)

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